iCurrent is now Trove!

Thanks for stopping by. The iCurrent site is now closed. But don't worry! The technology lives on as a part of Trove. We can't thank you enough for being a loyal user and fan of iCurrent, and we hope that you'll love Trove as much as we do.

Trove finds articles using the same underlying platform as iCurrent, so you can follow the same channels you love. Trove takes your news experience a step beyond finely-tuned channels– it gives you the option to share the articles you pick with a community of like-minded people following your troves (formerly channels). You might even discover great new articles based on what your community reads and picks.

If you’re ready to try Trove and want us to help you transfer your iCurrent channels, or if you have any other questions, shoot us an email at

Trove is available on the web, for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Amazon Fire Phone.


the iCurrent Team